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The Flat Croissant

A new trend that we approve!

Bakers’ Yard Poster (140 x 67 cm) (980 x 636 px)-3.png

New Mobile Cafe opening in Kidlington this Monday, June 24th: 

Gatineau Bakers' Yard

It has been some long weeks of preparation and anticipation for the opening of our new mobile cafe at the back of our storage unit in Kidlington - just a few steps away from our main production kitchen! Fresh croissants, bread, quiches, sandwiches, cookies, madeleines, coffee and much more still to come. 

Visit us and get 25% off until July 24th. We will be opening Monday to Friday from 7am to 3pm. Clive from our Summertown shop will be running the show for us with his amazing coffee skills and knowledge of Gatineau products.

You can also collect your online orders at the Bakers' Yard! Just make sure to book with 3 days' notice as usual, for collection between the opening days and times.

Find us at the Station Fields Industrial Estate area on 2A Rowles Way, Kidlington, OX5 1JD.

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