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As well as establishing the Gatineau name locally as a distinguished patisserie and boulangerie, Hervé and his team have also developed a thriving wholesale service catering to other businesses such as colleges, delis, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Some of our long standing customers include Brew Coffee, Branca Deli, Colombia Coffee Roasters, The Missing Bean Roastery, Tree Artisan Cafe, Vaults & Garden, Society Café and The Market Garden.


Our wholesale service has grown organically, through other businesses approaching us for their daily goods. In consequence, the same products you find at our retail shop are also available for wholesale with the same freshness, high quality and attention to detail.

We currently deliver to the Oxford and nearby areas only, and we cannot provide shipping of our products. Collection of standing orders can also be available from either our unit in Kidlington or our shop in Summertown, Oxford.

As the company grows new opportunities to cater further afield might become a possibility.

Gatineau has a 5 start Food Hygiene Rating.



Ideally we would like to meet you in person and learn a bit more about your business. This way we can bring in samples and suggest which of our products would work best to meet your business demands.

From the very beginning of our relationship and throughout, we are very happy to support you in any way we can. It is important to us that our products work well for you and your clients. And as part of our continued partnership, we will keep you posted on any new products we develop, and organise tastings and samples whenever possible.

If you are interested in knowing more about our service and products and how to become a wholesale client, please contact our Business Development and Marketing Manager, Débora Brand.

‘We’ve been using Gatineau for a large percentage of our plated desserts, some breads and focaccias for several years. We’re a relatively small team and would struggle to find the time or space to make our own desserts, Gatineau have been able to supply our needs. We have worked together with Hervé and Débora and they have come up with a variety of desserts that taste fantastic and are within our budget. They are able to make to a better quality than we could and in the quantities we need for the numbers we serve. All the chefs look forward to the taste testing of new desserts for the next term!’

- Rob Mercer, Head Chef at University College, Oxford

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