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Esterlin Brut Eclat NV

Champagne: Epernay, France

(375ml) £21

(750ml) £35

(1500ml) £75


This champagne is unique for using a Solera system since 1972. This blends 70% of the latest harvest with 30% reserve wine from the Solera, creating unbelievable depth. It is further bottle aged for 5 years before release. This process is unheard of at this price level!


Drink as an aperitif or pair with appetizers, fish, shellfish and of course Gatineau Patisserie.


Esterlin Rose Eclat NV Champagne: Epernay, France

(750ml) £38.00


Rose Eclat is made without Malolactique fermentation in order to keep the freshness and complexity of aromas. Blended with 77% of the 2014 wine including a base from the Solera and 23% of red wine produced from Meunier.


Ideal as a fruitier aperitif, or pair with Asian cuisine or Gatineau Fruit based deserts (Strawberry and Raspberry).


PriceFrom £21.00